About Me 😃

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Waqi | Ejen Hartanah 🇲🇾

🔑 Professional real estate agent with 6 years of experience
🔑 Area-focused, committed to serve and bringing values through KW system and technology
🔑 Local neighborhood community of Putrajaya-Cyberjaya-Sepang since 2004

Strength: Prop-Tech Optimization

📸 Strategizing and selecting top listings to focus which aligned with GPS
📸 Advising client on property market value with latest transacted data from KW Datalabs
📸 Sending personalized WhatsApp messages to buyers and sellers through KW Activate
📸 Securing clients database and manage relationship with KW Command and Gmail Suites
📸 24-hour online viewing with KW360 Matterport
📸 Personalized website and design using Notion and KW Design
📸 Marketing offline and online (EdgeProperty, Telegram Channel)
📸 Focused and effortless closing process (DocuSign)

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