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If you want to finally ELEVATE your business and become a SUCCESSFUL real estate agent, then this Real Estate Success Training Course was designed just for you!
If your foundation is solid, you can build your real estate business to whatever level you choose, and this is a terrific place to start.
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Does this sound familiar?    You know you WANT to build a successful career in real estate, but you're NOT sure where to start.   You want to attract clients. And not just any clients - you need the RIGHT clients. Clients who are committed, decisive, and ready to close or give you referrals.   The truth is that the majority of lead strategies taught today are old and outdated.    There is a BETTER way to get clients. I’m here to help you!
It’s time to learn cutting-edge branding, lead generation, and conversion tactics that really work.
I’ll take you step-by-step through my fail-proof system for winning more listings and building a life of freedom so that you can *finally* start seeing the income you deserve roll in!
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Time to TAKE ACTION on your real estate career, because EVERYTHING you need to get it done is right here.
  • I know how hard it is when you start in real estate for the first time. When I started selling real estate, I had zero guidance. I had no clue what I was doing and what I need to do to become a successful agent.  
  • Many of you may know me from the Netflix Show, Selling Sunset. But before becoming a top agent in my area, or being featured on a television show, I started from a position that many of you may be in right now.
  • This inspired me to create a course that I wish I had when I first started in the industry over ten years ago. 
  • Everyone can benefit from these techniques. It doesn't matter if you’re newly licensed agents who want to quickly start closing deals or agents who have been in the industry for a little while and are looking for ways to expand their business.
  • There's a place for you here! It's worth the investment since your life will never be the same once you learn how to expand your profits.
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Here’s what’s inside of the Real Estate Success Training Course: I've broken down everything you need to know about the real estate industry and share the key strategies for dominating your market.
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Module One - Welcome and Set Up For Success
Let's start with the fundamentals, including how to find your purpose and driving factors.
Welcome What You Will Learn Maya’s Story Finding Your Purpose
Module Two - Creating a Memorable Brand
Learn how to leverage the power of branding and social media to gain your competitive EDGE! Determine what will set you apart in this industry.
The Importance of Branding
Determining your Unique Add
10 Essential Factors of Successful Real Estate Branding
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Module Three - How To Win More Listings
Learn my entire blueprint for generating leads to get clients 24/7 and the simple, easy-to-learn methods that will help you carry any conversation and close more deals.
The Traditional Path
Creating a 6+ Figure Real Estate Business in the Modern Market
The Truth About Online Ads
Module Four - Daily Schedule For Success
Peek into a real 24-hour period in my calendar so I can show you exactly how to structure your day! This is the key to maximizing your time so you win more deals.
7 Most Important Habits For Successful Agents
Maya’s Recommended Hour by Hour Schedule
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Module Five - Maya’s Success Library
Now, put everything into practice as we walk through proven tools and templates for success, including my phone prospecting scripts and drip campaigns.
Phone Prospecting Scripts
Seller Lead Drip Campaign
Stale Lead Reach Out Campaign
25 Facebook and Instagram Templates
25 Facebook and Instagram Story and Reel Prompts
Customizable Listing/Buyer Presentation
Maya’s Favorite Resources
Module Six - Wrap Up
Next Steps
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BONUS #1 The Successful Agent’s Daily Schedule
BONUS #2 Rainmaker Listing Generating Plan
BONUS #3 Brand Plan Guide
BONUS #4 Determining Your Unique Add Worksheet
The best part about this course is you get your LIFE BACK while still generating more money, building a residual income stream, and running a thriving business that you can do whenever and from wherever you are!
  • I’m interested BUT still thinking about it...
  • Every day, more and more people in real estate want to reach the “next level.”
  • Think about this scenario:
  • There are two licensed real estate agents...
  • Both are competing in the same market, attempting to stand out among all competition...
  • While one is on track to enjoy a record-breaking year in sales...
  • The other is having difficulty building its pipeline...
  • While one is executing awesome sales techniques...
  • The other is perplexed as to how others accomplish it...
  • Month after month, one is closing more deals…
  • What makes the other one a successful real estate agent?
  • What tried-and-true frameworks and techniques may be propelling one's success?
  • THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE! If you want to know what to do to advance to where you want to be, you’re one click away from reaching that goal.
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Get the Strategies and Resources You Need to Start in Real Estate and Change Your Financial Future!
The decision is simply whether or not you want to be successful in your real estate career. It is entirely up to you how far you want to expand and leverage.
I am here to make this process simple and easy, sparing you the grueling and costly process of learning through trial and error while you attempt to figure it out. 
Allow me to help you in your journey ASAP!
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