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📌 Saving money – is something we would all like to do..
📌 But not at the expense of a failed transaction and everyday-headache..

What I can do as KW Malaysia’s real estate agent

🔍 Handling SALE or LEASING of clients’ property
🔍 Assisting client PURCHASING or RENTING the right property
🔍 Checking property market value in Klang Valley
🔍 Guiding anyone to KICKSTART as REN (definitely I’m outsourcing to KW staffs and training system 😇)
🔍 Optimizing right technology at the highest efficiency level through KW system

What I will do (with added value!)

💎 Market value (check MV with banker and valuer)
💎 Property inspection (including 360 photoshoot)
💎 Market exposure (advertisement online and offline)
💎 Prospect screening and viewing (filtering the right prospect)
💎 Negotiating and closing deal (fast-effortless system and win-win deal)
💎 Post-closing (close follow up with lawyer till key handover)

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